Skin 101

 Monday, July 25, 2011

I just downloaded an iPod application about different toxins or pollutants found in my neighborhood. Curious as I was, I was shocked to see that there are 63 pollutant sources, ranging from Air to Water to Ground and Radio Waves in my neighborhood! All of these affect us one way or another. We either eat or drink pollutants, breathe them in, or absorb them through our skin. This leads me to the topic of this post - Skin 101.

With so many different pollutants and especially with the recent natural disasters and the radioactive scare in Japan, it is easy to understand why we are leaning more and more toward purchasing organic products. However, do we apply the same wisdom to our skin care products? Not so much. Commercially available skin care includes many ingredients that are borderline harmful. While some of the ingredients listed may not be harmful in a single application, using the product over a longer period of time may then be a different story. In order to understand why it is so important to use organic products not only for the foods we eat but also for our skin care, it is important to know how our skin works and functions.


Change is in the Air

 Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do you want the GOOD or the BAD news first?

I start with the good! I was taught to always say something positive first so here it goes: I am in the process of combining both of my blogs (this one) as well as a blog that I started for Hypnosis. The new blog is called "Mind and Body Works" and is about a holistic approach to wellness. The new blog includes everything that was posted under Naturally by Lavenora as well as covers topics about hypnosis, kinesiology, meditation, yoga and many more interesting and captivating topics that pertain to wellness.

So please check out the new and improved blog: Mind and Body Works

The sad news is that I will discontinue blogging here under Naturally by Lavenora :( Since Mind and Body work together, I thought it best to also have the two blogs integrated.

I thank you for visiting this blog and hope that you find the new and improved Mind and Body Works just as interesting.


Shea Butter Treatment Stick

 Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a week ago, a friend of mine and I participated in an 18-mile walk to support "Out of the Darkness - Overnight" in order to raise awareness about depression and suicide. In hindsight, I guess I was not as well prepared for the walk as I should have been. Walking 18 miles was more straining on my feet and body than I had thought it would. Therefore, I must have over extended either the ligaments or tendons in my foot and leg because ever since then I was in slight pain.

Then yesterday, while walking around a craft fair, I got the idea to make my own Shea Butter Treatment Stick. Not only is this treatment stick a great moisturizer, it is also wonderful for On-the-Go and is "airplane friendly" due to its solid texture. That means, you can carry it in your purse and not in a zip-lock bag :)

I used very few yet powerful ingredients for the base:

Beeswax is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and heals wounds
Shea Butter is moisture spending; it is also anti-inflammatory and great for sprains, and
Jojoba Oil penetrates quickly into the skin and rejuvenates the skin.

To the base, I added the following essential oils that soothes muscle pains and sprains:

Peppermint (YL) is great for tired muscles and legs and a wonderful pain reliever.
Roman Chamomile (YL) is antispasmodic and soothes the nerves.
Rosemary (YL) stimulates the circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Verbena is also an anti-inflammatory oil and is good for the neuromuscular system.

I've applied the Shea Butter Treatment Stick only twice and my foot feels so much better!

What a wonderful gift from Nature!!!

Many Blessings!!!


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